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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  August 4, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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hug somebody. ♪ welcome to "red eye." i'm anny levy filling in for greg who is on assignment. not really, i always wanted to say that. michael, coming up on the show? >> the top stories tonight the united states olympic basketball team beats nye year gentleman 40,000 2073. following the game, carmelo anthony gave his entire fortunate the opposing team's coach who claimed to be the wife of nigeria's deposed finance minister, and cinnabon is
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opening up a franchise in syria, and jenna jamison has endorsed mitt romney, saying rich people should support republicans. it's said this is a clever plan to get everybody to vote for barack obama. >> let's welcome our guests. i'm here with harris faulkner, she anchors fox reports on saturdays and sundays right here. and tom slew. his latest collection of stories, and actor, writer, comedian and bottle blonde, mikeat black. the co-author of, "america, you sexy --" [bleep] >> and pinch. >> taking sides in the chick-fil-a debate is a temptation few can resist. personally never ate at
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chick-fil-a before the story and don't plan to now. talking guys? yes, porch. >> me want fried chicken monstrosity. >> you won't like it, butch. andy? oops. >> yeah. so, was there a place in line or out of line. team america anye hailed nigeria in basketball by 83 points. our nibbers hid three's riff ease, and in a postgame press conference, coach mike krzyzewski bristled at a suggestion that the americans ran up the score. we didn't take any fast breaks and we played all zone. you have to take a shot every 24 seconds and the shots we took happened to be hits. >> in other more important olympic news, ryan lochte pe
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ees in the pool. he urinate in warmup, and added there's something about getting into chlorine water you automatically go. for more, let's go to "red eye's" olympic correspondence in london there may be a small satellite delay. mike, are you there? >> thanks, greg, i'm here live at the olympic aquatic center. >> mike, it's andy. i'm hosting tonight. have you heard of other swimmers besides ryan lochte urinating in the pool. >> as you can see all day long i have been testing this pool water. >> okay, that's really -- this is -- >> really drinking it. >> this is not good. >> well, greg, you can
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definitely taste the lochte. >> that is absolutely disgusting. have you been to any actual olympic events. >> that's it from london. back to you, greg. >> a troubled young man. much like yourself, michael. i know america is just a word to put in a book title to help you sell more copies. i'm guessing you think team u.s.a. did set out to humiliate the nigerians. >> that's our job as a nation, andy to humiliate lesser nations. we've been doing it since the revolution and will continue to do it. >> are you in favor of it. >> run up the score in basketball in nuclear arsenals, on big jugs, all the same. >> tom, i think it is pretty clear we didn't intentionally run up the score, but i think it gets a point i've made before. isn't it time we stop sending
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professional players to the games. >> why don't we just allow people in college to make money? i mean, conditional isn't the seminary -- >> mark zuckerberg. made a lot of money. >> then -- didn't he leave college. >> to play in the nba. >> everyone is saying, who is missy franklin, wonderful because she is a swimmer, and she is not taking the money. she is going -- she wants to swim in college and it -- even the wall street journal say, why don't we let her make few bucks while she is in college. enough of the nonsense that it's a place you shouldn't start to be a professional until after college. make a buck. the economy is in the tank. >> what does this have to do with the story? >> you directed for know talk about people becoming
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professional. >> that's not what i said. stop putting words in my mouth i'll cut your mic. >> team u.s.a. is getting crap for winning. >> coach krzyzewski, who is coaching this team, was so humble, it was amazing. we said we're all required to take a shot every 24 seconds. it just so happens all the american shots went in they were just playing to the level. and then he says he took his best players off the court. some guys didn't suit up for the game. so they were in the warmup jackets, not could be confused with the warmup pool. but he was humble about that and even with that he is getting stink eye from other coaches and players, and there's this whining, and do these guys not watch the u.s.a. play tunisia? 110-63. >> ding, ding, ding. >> you're in the competition, certainly watching other
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players. you know they're walking on to the court with some swagger. you know they're going to be good. but some of the nigerian top players were trash talking. we don't have any reason to be overwhelmed. probably not the real accent. >> let me get you involved in this. as a cultural critic, what does this say about american culture? >> the headline is not that we added more points. the headline should be, what if we did add more points and and a question mark at the end of that? and you know i would add a question mark because i'm a published author. >> what does that mean? >> mine is not to ask, mine is to tell. >> well said, sir. >> it was well saved. >> i don't thing 83 is that big of a spread. when i was in high school we would get crushed. if we ever scored, the party we threw under the net lasted so long that the other team just
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ran away. >> i just think -- again, i think this proves my point. we proved our point in 1992. the dream team and we demolished every other country. we don't need to do it anymore. let the conditional kids play and get this great experience. >> charles barkley said about the team? he said if they played that team back in 1992 that's on the court today, that they would have lost by a big margin, too, like 85. they're already -- >> they're children. i don't understand. >> but -- they would be old men. so, yeah, that doesn't matter. >> albkr. that's all i got to say. a little butt kicking respect. >> i don't think that's an actual thing. >> i made it up. >> michael, let's preten this is an ordinary friday night and talk about ryan lochte peeing in
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the pool. >> i was at home in my living room. i was surfing tmz. as i always do, from 11:00 to 33:00 in the afternoon and it confirmed every worst suspicion i ever had about this corrupt picks. they're peeing in the pool, and you know what he was singing? am feet means. >> he wouldn't say that. >> 'a drug test? pee in the pool. if it turns purple, you're out. >> i think he was peeing gold. >> if it turns purple go to the hospital. if it's not yellow go the hospital. >> is peeing in the pool cool? you can't tell your kids don't pee in the pool. >> he is very cool, ryan. did you see his grill? you didn't see the lochte grill? he has a special -- what do you call this --
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>> the -- diamonds on his teeth and tried to wear it on the podium but they wouldn't let him. >> i had dinner at the lochte grill. >> not the golden expectations of the olympics so he is just spraying the pool with golden pee. >> you said this makes him hotter. >> you no who pees on the job? racecar drivers. they pee on the car. >> but nobody else is using the car. you have soon the promotions, the commercials where the people are benning town and they're putting the pool water in their mouths. nobody is drink ought of the driver's car. >> you don't know that. >> it's one with an overactive bladder myself, and suffer, i applaud this man for bringing a face to our struggles.
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>> to pool peeing. >> yes, to pool peeing. i'm doing a thing called creating awareness, and if you can get an olympian to do the same and stay away from females, guide them do not hit on them, mr. lochte, we'll be a better nation. >> on that psa i'm going to move on. from olympic rings to arab spring. cinnamon is open for business in libya. the fir american franchise in tripoli and it's been a resounding success. $47,000 in sales in the first seven days, and in that -- know that the 7500 square foot store is the first of ten planned locations set to open in the former dictatorship of the next four years. said the leader of the business
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libya association to something called cnn, i get asked the most, when are american franchises coming to libya? and fighting rages on in the dog and cat offense. >> call that a doorbell. >> a coward. >> that was violent. i didn't like that. >> tom, how proud are you to be an american right now? >> it's fantastic, and i'm so glad these libyans have to face the temptation we do every day. when we walk by a cinnabon and goes straight to our hips. >> i love the arm thing you do. >> the arm thing? >> the beginning of a dosey doe.
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>> what more incentive could a country need to overthrow a dictatorship than the hope of cinnabon. >> if they said in iraq you'll be greeted with cinnabon and kfc, we would have had piece in our time. >> -- we would have had peace in our time. >> harris, isn't this how we can avoid fighting wars? turn entire nations into doughy submissive couch potatoes. >> what they describe as locally created hamburgs, sounds like jersey where i live. i don't know if it will stop wars but it will make it look more like jersey. >> probably not a great thing. i kid you.
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>> i'm proud of jersey. >> as a cultural critic do you think the combined powers of coffee and a treat will bring peace? >> you got to understand something about carville slash -- cinnabon. they were planning to do this when gadhafi was in power. they don't carry anything about the democracy. they just want tripolians to get fatter and fatter and fatter. >> is that like three ians. >> not getting fat from cinnabons. >> in jersey, you eat stuff and your governor gets fatter. >> that's rude. that's rude. >> he does it for the good of the people and i applaud him for it, man. >> he was but just to another
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cinnabon. >> tom, you look like you want to something. >> at carvell, they cut cost, at christmas they turn him on his side and make him santa claus. i they have to do something with fudgy the whale. >> turn him upside-down and it's a beard. >> cannamon and carvell el al. >> can we get our ombudsman on that? >> i assume or it wouldn't be allowed there. >> i don't appreciate -- >> i would like to -- >> what bill fails to tell, i'm here to asker, you're not bringing facts. you're bringing questions. and you should have found the answers before you came on the show, called common courtesy. >> the knowledge and questioning -- >> the whole thing was a setup. >> from soft serve to hard core. the race just got race 'er,
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jenna jamison has endorsed mitt romney. on thursday, she was sipping champagne at the v.i.p. room on the san francisco strip club, where all presidential endorsements go down, when she revealed to a local contribute staffer, quote, i'm very looking forward to a republican being back in office. we areown rich you want a republican in office. must be nice. the 38-year-old was a former supporter of hillary clinton in 2008 so apparently she goes both ways. >> good morning. good morning. >> maybe that was a fox news alert? either way. >> awe. >> is there chance jamison was being sarcastic and the cbs guy
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didn't catch up on it. >> i have to hear her tone but the thing hat has me wondering is the journalist. how large is -- the voting bloc of porn star celebrity cozy -- celebrities and their fans? i mean voting rights. parents might be watching. >> they might be. tom, good get for team romney or good get for team romney. the fun the thing is the is a news item at all and it's because she said something about romney because so few people in the public eye will say anything about romney, and because the idea is -- i think the ironic thing about the story. the recent people fine it interesting, people say she is a porn star and endorsing somebody from the party of morality. isn't that why this is a news store? >> and governor romney has made
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it clear what we would like to do. he has been endorsed by antiforeign legislation backer ands he has a plan. >> that's why she was being sarcastic. is it possible she just wanted to try out a new position? >> um, -- >> don't pretend you didn't love it. >> i did love it. i don't know anything about her politics. certainly she is rich. maybe she does want a republican in the office and i'm fine with it. >> i think there's room in the big tent republicanfor porn stars and i would love for her to go out with mitt -- >> why are you pointing at me? >> you can set them up. >> i would love for him to go out with her. >> i assumed you were -- i'm going between republican and porn star and having a hard time. >> you're not sure which one you're looking at? >> let me get schultz involved in this. what does this say about
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america? >> first it was a -- sorry, hilary supporter, now a romney spouter. that means the independent voter is alive and well in america and is so race simple. >> she just doesn't like obama and is bending over backwards to not vote for him. that when is my senses tell me. >> now we're going back to the former choice of -- >> before i go, michael, here's my favorite part of the story. jamison made the comment exclusively to a cbs staffer who was attending an even marking the eight anniversary of the club. he wasn't there on assignment. >> he was. i don't know why you're anticapitalism. >> this guy just happened to be there at this event. >> disagree. >> i don't care. coming up. if try to fit your interfist in your mouth? not a story, just a test.
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coming up. its being a tool a fireable offense? i hope not. stick around.
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>> out of work for being a jerk. the arizona man who posted a youtube video with him harassing a chick-fil-a employee has been fired from his job at a medical manufacturing company. >> it's my free water. >> it is. >> awesome. you know why i'm getting the free water? >> i do not. >> because chick-fil-a is a hateful corporation. >> i wouldn't -- >> i know. you the corporation gives money to hate groups. hate groups. i don't believe corporations should be giving money to hate groups. totally understand. i don't know how you live with yourself and work here.
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i don't understand it. this is a horrible corporation with horrible values. you deserve better you deserve better. okay? >> i hope you have a really nice day. >> i well. thank you so much. i'm a nice guy, by the way, and a total heterosexual. not a gay in me. >> what an individual. that video went viral and smith's boss, the ceo of the company, fired him, releasing this statement, regrets the unfortunate incident that transpired in tucson. meanwhile, on friday, gay rights activist held a kiss-a-thon at chick-fil-a0s around the -- you know what the story is about. you know who remains unaware of the chick-fil-a debate? this little guy.
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>> to be that little guy. >> suckling in his sleep. >> harris, let's talk about the video first. there's universal agreement this guy is a tool. did he deserve to get fired? >> i watched this a couple of times today and i don't know if at it just because we were just could quiet when we were here on the set. she said the words i'm really uncomfortable. you're making me uncomfortable. he is harassing her. this goes beyond him not being nice to her. i'm really uncomfortable for this. they should have fired him and i'm wondering. >> i am not giving free legal advice at the register. >> those word are very specific. >> weirded out a little bit. >> what you can't see is the
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guy -- >> all right. all right. i'm just saying, the fact she is made uncomfortable. >> i think he was hitting on her. there's not a gay -- >> i feel bad. >> you were lying. >> the president of the company, they feel like they need to pull back from this guy not just fire him but public wise they don't want to be associated with this. >> i don't blame them. there's some relief. due to the circumstances -- >> we relish the opportunity to remove this man. >> michael, as a libertarian i support the concept of boycotts and i usually won't join them. >> please answer the question, sir. >> as a liberal -- i while describe myself in that term -- i agree with your position. i think have every right to fire him if they want.
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i don't know if they should hail. thing there's probably more going on under the surface. >> they don't like him. i'm boycotting that guy. >> who taught the genius how to use the camera. >> i believe he is self-taught. i. >> you're right. >> you talk into the speaker. you don't say anything until those people at the window. you talk into the speaker. >> cultural critic, is this story fascinating to you? >> i'm not going to boycott chick-fil-a because the ceo is a big bigot. i'm bureaucrat countying chick-fil-a because he is not going far enough. he needs to attack the demon gay. he has a chic as a last name. i think he is one of them, and that was from my one act play,
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ironical. it's self-published, go online. >> don't laugh at my book. >> he's laughing because he is uncomfortable. >> that's ironical. >> made me uncomfortable. >> so, got a camera on the show? leave a voice mail on greg's direct line, still to come, the halftime report. ps
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we are back. let's see if we have gotten anything wrong so far. how did we do, mike? >> not bad. >> not as bad as you would expect with this group. >> i will start with michael. michael you said -- and i think you identified it as part of the constitution that it is america's duty to humiliate lesser nations. and it is in the constitution. people can look that up. i just want to say that we sometimes do get humiliated by lesser nations ourselves. >> love it or leave it, buddy. >> thank you. >> the reason i am not in there is this is satellite from caracas. andy, you said the swimmer was called missy elliott? >> yes. >> i looked, and that is
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true. >> thank you. >> you know, the amazing thing is she is actually quite big. for a swimmer. >> she gets her free time. >> what? >> nothing. >> and it is missy misdemeanor, by the way. >> technically you are right. >> harris? >> yes. >> hi. >> good to see you. >> good to see you too. >> what the hell? >> you talked about coach -- --. >> coach k. >> yes. you said he was humble and everyone was attacks him and giving him the stink eye. i don't know how you defined the stink eye from that report, but the only people that were attacking were journalists by trying to invent a storiment i am just saying. >> you don't think when he directed his response to the coach for nigeria -- >> he said -- >> he said, look, you wouldn't want us to play down, would you? >> the coach was like, i don't
12:34 am
know what you are talking about. >> he didn't say anything. >> i also looked up a word that you said, swagga. that's not in the dictionary. >> consider who is looking it up. >> you might want to check the urban dictionary. >> i don't know what that is. but if it is on the internet i can look it up. >> as an ambudsman i can show you. >> we have a lot of it over the weekend. >> tom was saying he was bad at sports in high school. i was looking at him on the panel and i confirmed that. >> you can look 80 him, but i can't look at coach k? i don't get it. >> forget it. >> i did cross country. >> of course you did. >> it was people running from their tormenters. >> he would take car trips with his family every summer, cross country. >> never misbehaved once. >> and they made him run outside the car? >> let's move on to the great jenna jamison. i will start by saying andy is right.
12:35 am
this reporter who is a reporter at a local san francisco tv station who just happened to be at a strip club is wrong. she was clearly being sarcastic. she has said in the past that she is extremely liberal, and in the same interview she said we should not be paying attention to pornography, but people are dying of genocide. >> she is not wrong. >> they don't die of genocide. they die in genocide. >> by the way, how amazing a porn could jenna jamison star? jenna-cide. wow. >> you didn't know if there was a big block of voters that were porn consumers. were you serious? >> porn celebrity/porn fan. maybe it is an untapped electorat which i was corrected by andy who said -- well you heard him. >> he made a dirty joke and then corrected you. tom you said people are grasping on to this because there are so few romney
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supporters that are celebrities. you didn't mention charlie daniels, a big celebrity and republican. conrad bain. >> fiddle player. >> great fiddle player. >> he was from the marshall tucker band. >> yes. ted nugent. the kids love ted nugent. and charlotte ray who was on "the facts of life." >> may i add one? >> yes. >> kid rock not actually a child so he can vote. kid rock is an adult, and he will vote for romney. >> can i intersect with the ambudsman. i specifically asked a question, is in that address? >> we will get to that. >> he is going out of order. >> is that what i am doing? they get all shoveled. >> michael, you said that
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there is room for porn stars in the republican party. i am fairly certain that's not true. considering that harris' point -- romney does have a plan to crackdown on pornography on the internet, right? >> you have to saw super -- you have to assume that maybe she has read about it, and she likes them anyway. >> for the sequel can it be jenna backside? >> do night take a shot with me about these guys. >> there is a big win of tech gnaw cal virginity. >> ambudsman can you confirm the end of the show when it comes to asking me my question, my understanding is more -- mormons consume more pornography than other religious groups. can we find that out? >> the red states tend to consume more pornography, that's true. >> utah is number one. i don't think you can extrapolate that. >> i i know that that is true,
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but i didn't get all of the tweets. libia, let's go to michael's point. halal is for meats, birds of prey and alcohol. as long as there are no birds in fudgy the whale or something or whatever it is it is totally fine. >> i did not know that. >> that's brilliant. >> now that we were provided the information i will safely say i did know that, and i have known it for awhile. >> is it like kosher or something? >> yes. >> oh, okay. >> surprisingly muslims don't keep kosher. >> they are very similar though. they can't have pork and shrimp and things. let's get to chick-fil-a. do you want to do that? everyone is talking about
12:39 am
chick-fil-a. incidentally in the beginning the guy says they give money to hate groups. i am pro gay marriage, but it is not clear they give money to hate groups. i just want to correct that on the video. >> may i step in? the ceo for chick-fil-a has given to the american family association and the research council. both are considered. they said the african guy said you should execute gays. >> they defined the hate group for some time. hate groups are like nazis and the clan and things. >> to be fair, morris d since he lost the time -- >> they got a new album. >> "the bird" was a great single. harris, he said he was harassing her because she said it made her uncomfortable.
12:40 am
if that was the definition of harassment, wouldn't that be -- we would just say, oh, we feel uncomfortable. >> when you put someone on notice -- she didn't just say oh i feel uncomfortable. she says you are making me feel uncomfortable. and they consider going on with their behavior and that's harassment. >> i get people saying that to me on the subway. i have never had a legal problem. i am not a lawyer. >> i'm not sure if it is actionable in this case, but she special would have a civil case. >> i put him on notice. >> money gnaw han's trench coat says otherwise. >> that's all i got. >> i want to bring up something. bill brought up that dan kathy, gives money to the american family association. >> sure. >> the american family association is currently boycotting google over gay issues, and i believe it is like the 1 million moms which
12:41 am
is like four people. an off shoot of afa and they are boycotting jc penney. i find it vaguely ironic because they say it is a freedom of speech issue, and he is giving money who are boycotting businesses over gay issues. i don't feel that bad. >> and they are not hate groups, but they are definitely filled with idiots. tweet angry things as me. you are all idiots. >> there is one thing we can all agree. kathy is a girl's name. >> that is true. >> have i to move on. coming up, is it possible to decapitate a corals using office scissors and string and thumbtacks. but first, where does "the jersey shore"'s paully d fall in the list of top dj's? yet another number they are afraid to ask.
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well, it was an ill advised text for those who saw what happened next. a texas college student says he was messaging his friend before driving off a cliff six months ago. it read, quote, i need to quit texting because i could die in a car accident. chance body, yes, that's his name, broke multiple bones, his face and his skull. doctors had to bring him back to life three times. i didn't know they could do that. that's amazing. >> up to three times. >> is that right? unlike cats. he has made a full recovery and looks forward to getting back to driving and texting. i don't think he really said that. let's discuss in the -- >> lightning round. >> do you think chance body survived because his name is too cool to die? >> yes. >> okay. >> lightning round, right? answered your question, i go with yes. >> tom, did chance cheat death and darwin? >> yes, well this guy -- it is
12:46 am
not good to text while driving of the i will say that right now to everyone watching at home. but i'm a little tired of the anti-cell phone in the carlas. i will tell you why. i remember the old days when people were driving distracted like this, oh my god i can't believe what she said to you. that's crazy. they were still driving and looking at the road. now i see them on the road. everyone is driving and texting like this because they are afraid of the cops seeing them with the cell phone. causing more accident. let people use their own judgment. let this guy drive off a cliff. let me occasionally check out my google maps, but let me hold it up against the window so i can look at it and obey the law. >> i stay a count of two behind every car. i nef rear end anyone. i am a safe driver. >> the average time people look down at their phone, five seconds, idiot. >> yes, i had -- idiots, the not me though.
12:47 am
let me hold it while i am driving. i could drive to alabama with a phone in my hand. >> i am concerned you are driving like this. you have to keep it straight or you are going off the road. 10 and 10. 10 and 2. >> he likes to go 9 and 3. >> sort of what is his name is getting at -- >> i am blown away. she said that with the passion of a preacher in the pulpit. >> i think people are dying because of the crazy cell phone laws. >> i want to say brother, 8 mean. i don't mow what he is talking about. >> they have these laws about texting while driving and people were still driving off cliffs. can anything be done? >> it is all fop and good until you hit somebody else. as long as they are hurting themselves then, yes, that's fine. that's not the case. >> the second amendment gives us the right to text while driving. >> qu text it?
12:48 am
can you text it? >> last word to you as a cultural critic, what about the need we have to risk our lives while texting while driving. >> i am against it. i don't care if i get letters. i am i am not going to take a chance on chance, count it. >> it is counted up here. >> it is up here. >> don't forget the ago sent. time to take a break. when we return, he will perform his hit "hot child in the city." >> wow.
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carl forbes released a list of the world's 10 richest dj's. paully d was seventh after raking in $11 million last year. he plans to give all of the money to charity which is his nickname for his penis. tom, pretty amazing that he made $11 million for doing a job that a pre programed i-pod could do. >> god bless this guy for making a living. i am disturbed there are 10 rich dj's. >> are you going to tell us why? >> the thing is, i have never understood this thing about
12:53 am
the dj. at the sock hop you spin records. it seems like anybody and his brother could do it. there was a fella -- >> wow, a sock hop? wow. >> he lives on my street and he is djing in the backyard and on the porch 69 he dj's like nobody's business. it doesn't seem difficult to me. >> play songs that make people want to get up and move their body, right? >> that's why tom didn't know what swagger was. >> were you spok shocked to find out paully d made as much money as you last year? >> i was shocked. not only do i have my djing, but my radical feminist poetry. >> you did a spoken word thing together. >> we did a slam and it doesn't matter who won. >> he spoke and i didn't get a word in edge wise. >> very nice. >> are you amazed by this? >> this is weird. i have a connection to the story. a swedish house mofia is
12:54 am
number three on the list. they made $14 million. i only know how pauly d is doing how he may go up the list because swedish is getting into trouble at their concerts. i covered it on the breaking news. that's the only reason i knew. i feel like i have inside scoop. pauly d could be moving up. >> good to know. didn't you write an essay for the atlantic on the rise of dj kill tour? >> it was the an plan take antic website detailing the wonderful street fair that is to come next month. and i put a posting up there. >> but still published. >> thank you, thank you. not a lot of people r. >> secondly i figured out why pauly d is a successful dj. his hair looks like a turn table. if you look at him it is flat and you can do this with your hand above it. he looks like what he does and more people should be like that. call me, pauly d. your my craw -
12:55 am
microphone. >> can you scratch a cd? >> just for the record, everyone was laughing at me and my comment, but america is with me. we don't know what these people are doing. you could put your i had to on shuffle and you just did ties -- did his job. shame on even jie. shame on us form being this angry. >> we will close things out with a post game wrap up from michael money -- m ojnahan. ps
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don't forget you can watch us saturday at 2:00 a.m. pacific time. greg will be hosting and guests include ann coulter and tucker carlson.
12:59 am
>> time to go back to michael maynihan for the post game wrap up. tom? >> yes. >> what is on this week's pod cast? >> i record them at usually the cave in long island city. it is cave comedy this week i recorded it live from a little known country called canada. >> i have not heard of it. >> we are getting subscribers by the boat load after every red eye episode. >> harris. >> yes. >> what are you doing when you are not at fox news this summer. >> every saturday and sunday 7:00 p.m. eastern, fox report. when i am not there, anything i want in a bikini. >> pictures. >> no, no pictures. >> michael, what do you enjoy doing when you are not on "red eye"? >> thanks for asking, mike. when i am not on "red eye"


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